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4.1 Million

Dec - 2016

4 Bedroom Townhouses

Jumeirah Islands Townhouses By Nakheel

The Jumeirah Island townhouses by Nakheel developer is situated In the Heart of New Dubai with four bedrooms. These townhouses are well built with unique design as well as fine Architected and pioneering design which provide a relax and sound life to residents.

The Jumeirah Island Four bedroom townhouses are well planned and designed for a family living with fine work on main entrance as well as finishes in living area. These four bedroom townhouses are full of comfort as there is own parking space for the vehicle and families will take advantage of large living room space and dining areas.

The Jumeirah Island is a lush green community; it is the combination of 50 islands with an awesome view of nature. In these Jumeirah Island, four Bedroom townhouses resident will enjoy the natural beauty with their family as well as the view of dynamic waterfall and crystal waterfall which make it more beautiful and attractive to live in. 

Jumeirah Islands is a Man-made development of property which covered a zone of the 300 hectares This Island Is isolated into forty-six groups; among these group, each group hold sixteen completely style manor houses and these group are surrounded by the virtual lakes which make it is such a fundamental piece of the Jumeirah Islands. The Jumeirah Islands development is consists of a collection of 736 magnificence properties with four or five rooms.  In this Island, Each House has its own swimming pool with a beautiful view of Island.

  • Individually styled luxury homes
  • Natural View
  • Lush green community
  • Waterfall
  • Dining and shopping hub

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